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    Post  Tammy72 on Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:45 am

    Hello my chilly Michigan!

    My name is Tammy (nice to meet you all Smile)

    I am married; have no children (but do have fur babies (7-cats and 3-dogs)) I love all things Phantom---I am working on a shadow box with Phantom related items from past and present; I love to read; dance (nothing professional; just to give me some exercise) I do Physique 57 workouts; I love visiting New York and seeing stage productions on Broadway (get to see Tom Hanks in the Lucky Guy at the end of April Smile) I love all types of music (both listening and singing too (might be a little off key; but all is good Smile) I have participated and volunteered with The Relay For Life (thru the American Cancer Society)--my husband is a Cancer Survivor (he has Multiple Myeloma (bone and blood Cancer) he was in remission; but just found out 2 days ago his Cancer is back Sad so he is back on chemo; has to go in remission again then he will get a bone marrow transplant. I absolutely am addicted to COFFEE; Starbucks Chai Latte'; I love spending quiet times at the beach; or hiking; even quiet times just walking around the neighborhood; or sitting in the backyard. I love making jewelry; I crochet. That's about all I can think of for now Smile

    I've been listening to Hugh for a few years; and I FINALLY was able to see Hugh in the 25th Anniversary Performance............I was completely blown away!! I knew that Hugh was just absolutely PHANTASTIC (but you all knew that already Smile) but OMG he is just absolutely AHHHMMMAAAZING! That man's voice just goes right through to your soul and your spirit just soars! One day I hope and pray that I am able to just give him a hug and thank him for bringing such beautiful music to us. Hubby and I are going to go back and see Phantom on April 27th ...... we are 3rd row right in the middle!! I will be ready with LOTS of Kleenex Very Happy With hubby's Cancer coming back we have to visit earlier in the year because of his treatments. We thought that we would see Hugh before he leaves on his break.

    That's about I can think of for now! Going to look around the forums (I know there has not been a lot of discussion; but maybe more people will stop and visit.


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