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    Post  DsquiggleBsquiggle on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:13 pm

    Hello, I think I may have signed up on the most recently lost forum but I don't quite recall, obviously I wasn't active on it. my name is Dallas (to clarify: I'm a girl) and I picked this user name because of something that Hugh joked about when I saw him one time. I had driven to Indianapolis to see Hugh perform in the Ragtime to Ritz show with the Symphony and through a strange series of events I ended up being invited back stage during the intermission and while I was back there I asked Hugh to sign my Sideshow CD insert, which I had just recently had autographed by Norm Lewis. Well Hugh looked at the insert and turned it one way and then the other trying to figure out who the autographed belonged to until I told him that it was Norm Lewis. Well Hugh laughed and said "is that how he signs things? N squiggle, L squiggle?" So, instead of his normally quite fluid autograph Hugh signed my sideshow CD insert with, as he put it, "H squiggle, P squiggle".

    Hhhmm... other than that... I used to live in St. Louis but now I live in Scottsdale and commute to go to school in San Francisco 3 times a year, and hopefully this year I'll be doing some substitute teaching while I'm in town and maybe some presenting in California in the evening when I'm there for classes, we'll see!

    When I have free time and money (something I don't see happening in the near future) I love going to NYC to see Broadway shows and traveling all around the country to see Symphonies, plays and musicals- especially if they feature Lestat cast members. Smile

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